Terms & Conditions

Membership available for hay and forage producers who reside or produce hay in Wyoming. Hay produced in Wyoming is defined as; Hay that is grown on land within the state of Wyoming. “Hay produced” does not mean hay that is grown outside of the state of Wyoming and then additionally processed within the state of Wyoming. If residence address is located in a state other than Wyoming, producer must be able to provide verification of hay production in Wyoming to qualify for membership listings. Out of state member(s) must provide location of hay production in Wyoming and will only be eligible to submit hay listings for hay produced in Wyoming.

Producers or companies involved in the brokerage of hay and also producing hay shall be eligible for membership if their hay is produced in Wyoming. Only hay produced in Wyoming will be eligible for listing. Any hay being brokered or purchased for resale will not be eligible for listing.

Members will have full responsibility for the accuracy of their listings and will be solely responsible for placement and removal of hay on listing site. Association will have no responsibility for the accuracy of any listed hay or forage. No member shall establish or list a price for hay on the listing site. All price negotiations shall be solely between listing member and buyer. The board of directors of WHFA shall have the right to refuse or remove any member and their listings if there is deemed any breach of conduct or misrepresentation of hay production location, quality or any pricing activity on listing site is detected. Membership in the WYFA is an “At Will” private association. Membership may be revoked at any time if membership qualifications, as defined in this document are not met. Additionally, interpretation of membership qualifications are at the discretion of the Board of Directors, and burden of proof that qualifications are being met falls entirely on members. Members paying a 5-year membership fee shall have full access to the members only profile and listing sites for a period of 5 years from the production year of their membership application. If the requirements for membership are breached and discontinued in any way, members access to the site is subject to cancellation.

Members wishing to join for a shorter duration shall pay an annual fee to join plus an additional fee for access to the listing site.

Members may also register as sponsors, but must do so with a separate username and password.