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Membership is limited to Wyoming hay producers.  For rules & guidelines visit our About Us page.
  • Hay listings are not accepted until membership is activated by an association administrator.
  • Membership activated once payment is confirmed and association administrator approves.
  • You must agree to the terms and conditions checkbox below before you can select a membership level.
  • Sponsors may also register as members but must use a separate username and password. If you are already logged in as a Sponsor please logout before filling out this form.
  • Please read our help instructions if you have any problems.
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Terms & Conditions

Gold Level 1 ~ 5 year full membership (COST: $500.00)

  • Listing in the membership directory
  • Access to the association website
  • Profile page on website with name, contact info, description of operation, link to current hay listings, and link to own website if available

Green Level 2 ~ 1 year full membership (COST: $150.00)

  • Same as LEVEL 1, but for 1 year

Tan Level 3 ~ basic membership (COST: $50.00)

  • Listing in online hay directory